10 Must-Know Triathlon Training Techniques for the Beginner Triathlete

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10 Must-Know Triathlon Training Techniques for the Beginner Triathlete--.jpgAs an amateur triathlete, you’re about to embark on a life changing experience. If you don’t know what to expect that’s ok, everyone has been in your position at some point in their athletic careers. Follow these 10 easy triathlon training techniques and you’ll be ready for your first race in no time!

1. Get in Gear

Having the proper triathlon gear will help you look and feel like a proper triathlete. When you look the part, you’ll be ready to dive right in. Stock up on the essentials and make sure you’re prepared for any situation. You’ll need specific items for all three events; happy shopping!

2. Plan Your Workouts Ahead of Time

When you plan your workouts in advance, it’s easier to stay on a schedule. This will drastically improve your performance throughout the training period.

As a beginner, you may not know what to include and what intensity you’re ready for. That’s ok, there are pre-made options for athletes like yourself that need a little extra help at the beginning. Check out some beginner training plans that can benefit your workout.

3. Set Goals

Set both short term and long term goals to help keep yourself focused on what you want to achieve from your workouts. Make sure to keep your goals realistic so that by the end of the training season you feel accomplished and ready to start training for your next race.

4. Commit 100 Percent

Triathlons are hard work. If you’re serious about becoming a great triathlete, you need to be committed. Stick to your workout plans and the commitment will pay off in the end.

5. Start Out Slow

As a beginner, you don’t want to go too hard too soon. Starting out slow will help you avoid injury and be more motivated to keep training. Start out at a comfortable level, and slowly increase your workout intensity week by week.

6. Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Strength Training

Of all the triathlon training techniques, this one will help get you in the overall best physical shape. Strength training is crucial as it builds the muscles you use in all three events. Don’t skip the strength training, try to incorporate this workout into your weekly schedule at least twice.

7. Find a Balance Between Work, Training, and Your Personal Life

Don’t let other aspects of your life suffer because of your training. You must remember that while training is important, you’re more than just a triathlete. That’s why training plans are so important, they help you manage your time effectively so that you don’t neglect all parts of your life because of training.

8. Join a Training Group

Making the time to train is a lot easier when you have buddies to go out with. Whether you have a friend or join a group, having other people to motivate you helps boost your confidence and your motivation.

Take these triathlon training techniques a step further by joining a group that is above your current level. You’ll push yourself to keep up and train yourself a little bit harder. It’s the perfect motivation for a beginner, but it’s important not to get discouraged or push yourself too hard.

9. Give Brick Workouts a Try

Practice makes perfect. Brick workouts are the best triathlon training techniques for preparing yourself for race day. When you mimic the exact conditions that you’ll face, you’ll be more equipped to crush your very first triathlon.

10. Get Cookin’

Diet is essential for training triathletes. You need to make sure you know what to put into your body, when to put it into your body, and what to avoid altogether. Creating a meal plan and utilizing meal prep will help you save time while getting in better shape. You know what they say, abs are made in the kitchen!

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Matt Cook

Matt Cook

Father of 3 and former competitive swimmer, Matt completed his first Ironman 70.3 in 2013 in Muskoka. He has since completed another 70.3 and is planning on doing a full Ironman in 2016 or 2017. Matt took up triathlons for the challenge, to relax and to just to stay in shape so he can enjoy life with his family.

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