5 Great Reasons to Do a Triathlon

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5 Great Reasons to Do a Triathlon.jpgAre you thinking about training for your first triathlon? This is a great goal, and there are many benefits you can enjoy as a result of becoming a competitor. You can improve your life in many ways through racing, and you won’t regret your decision to compete. Here are five reasons to sign up for your first race.

1. To Motivate Yourself to Get in Shape

If you’re outofshape and have trouble motivating yourself to go to the gym, a triathlon may be just what you need. The benefit of competition is that it’s easier to motivate yourself to workout when you’re training for a specific race. Knowing that race day is approaching turns workouts into something you need to do, not something you can put off.

While going from couch potato to triathlete may seem crazy, it’s actually a very attainable goal. If you’re ready to get started, consider signing up for a spring-distance race. This is the shortest distance, and you’ll need to do a 750m swim, a 20K bike ride, and a 5K race. A beginner can train for this distance in 11 weeks of dedicated effort. After you finish your first race, you may find that you’re hooked on races and looking forward to working out.

2. To Make Your Workouts More Interesting

If you’re already exercising regularly, you may be bored of your routine. It’s easy to lose interest in a sport when you do the same workout day after day. To shake things up, sign up for a triathlon. To get ready for the race, you’ll have to train three different sports at once, so it’s harder to get bored of your workouts.

During training, you’ll get to enjoy varied workout sessions. Some days, you’ll go for a run, and on other days, you’ll swim laps in the pool. On other days, you’ll go for a bike ride. For further variety, you’ll do brick workouts. Brick workouts mean that train two sports in the same workout, which is probably something new.

3. To Make New Friends

While you may think of triathlons as a solo sport, they’re actually a great opportunity to make new friends. Before your first race, you can join a club and meet other competitors. These people will be a mix of beginners and seasoned competitors. Clubs offer events like group rides or socials, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make friends.

Race day is another opportunity to meet new people and make friends. You could make your next friend while you’re waiting for the race to start or while you’re enjoying the post-race festivities.

4. To Say You’ve Done One

Everyone loves bragging rights, and when you finish a triathlon, you definitely get the right to brag to your friends and family. No matter which distance you choose to complete, finishing a triathlon is a major accomplishment.

After you complete your race, you’ll get to tell everyone you know that you’re now a triathlete. You can also share your success with your wider network on social media. Your success may even motivate your friends and family to compete in a triathlon, too.

5. To Push Your Boundaries

Pushing your boundaries is another great reason to become a triathlete. No matter your current fitness level, there’s a race distance that will let you test the limits of what your body can accomplish. Pushing yourself to the next level is incredibly motivating, and you’ll feel great about yourself when you meet your goals.

If you’re a beginner, a sprint-distance race is the perfect way to push your limits and see how athletic you can become. If you’re a marathoner, pushing yourself to train for a half Ironman or full Ironman may give you the new challenge you’re looking for.

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Matt Cook

Matt Cook

Father of 3 and former competitive swimmer, Matt completed his first Ironman 70.3 in 2013 in Muskoka. He has since completed another 70.3 and is planning on doing a full Ironman in 2016 or 2017. Matt took up triathlons for the challenge, to relax and to just to stay in shape so he can enjoy life with his family.

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