5 Mind Hacks to Boost Triathlon Motivation

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5-Mind-Hacks-to-Boost-Triathlon-Motivation.jpgWhen you first start doing triathlons, everything is new and exciting and it’s easy to motivate yourself to workout. However, after you’ve been training for a while, your motivation may lapse and you may have trouble waking up for those early-morning workouts.

Temporarily losing motivation doesn’t mean that you need to abandon the sport you used to love. To get your triathlon motivation back, try these five mind hacks.

1. Sign Up for a Race

Has it been a while since your last race? The whole point of triathlon training is to get ready for competition, so if you have no races on the horizon, losttriathlon motivation is not surprising. To get your motivation back, choose a suitable race and sign up. Knowing that your race is approaching will give you something to look forward to. Plus, after spending money on registration, you’ll be motivated to work out and compete to get your money’s worth.

In the off-season, consider signing up for an indoor triathlon. These races are shorter than their traditional outdoor counterparts, but they can give you the same motivational benefits. These races give you something to look forward to while training.

2. Train with Friends

To kick your triathlon motivation up a notch, start training with friends. Working out is a lot more fun when it’s also an opportunity to catch up with your friends. Knowing that your friends depend on you can also motivate you to workout. It’s harder to hit the snooze button and skip your pool workout when you know your friends are already waiting for you at the pool.

If none of your friends are swimmers, runners, or cyclists, you don’t need to settle for a lifetime of working out alone. You can join a local triathlon club to find some workout buddies and maybe even some new friends.

3. Train in a New Environment

Do you work out in the same environment every day? This kind of routine can become boring and zap your motivation. To get your motivation back, try exercising in new environments to give yourself a change of pace.

If you always swim in the pool at the community centre, try training in the lake or ocean, instead. If you always run or bike the same route around your neighbourhood, shake things up and try new routes in your town. 

4. Try Cross Training

There’s no replacement for running, swimming, and cycling when you’re training for a triathlon. To get better at these three disciplines, you need to train. However, if focusing on these three disciplines is starting to bore you to tears and crush your motivation, it may be time to include some variety in your workouts.

The best cross-training options are endurance sports that get your heart pumping. These sports let you maintain or build your fitness level while trying something a little bit different than your normal triathlon training. Rowing, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing are all good options. After a fun workout, you may find that you’re ready to get back to triathlon training.

5. Get a Coach

Hiring a coach is a great way to boost your triathlon motivation. Your coach will give you support and accountability, and when you know your coach is counting on you to show up, you’ll be more motivated to go workout. Since your coach will create an effective training program, you can also be sure that your workouts are pushing you towards your goals; knowing that your hard work isn’t going to waste can help you stay motivated.

The money you need to spend on a coach is also motivational. If you hire a coach and then don’t exercise, you’ll waste your money. Knowing that you have money on the line is a great way to force yourself to train.

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Matt Cook

Matt Cook

Father of 3 and former competitive swimmer, Matt completed his first Ironman 70.3 in 2013 in Muskoka. He has since completed another 70.3 and is planning on doing a full Ironman in 2016 or 2017. Matt took up triathlons for the challenge, to relax and to just to stay in shape so he can enjoy life with his family.

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