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  • How you got started in Triathlons
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  • Equipment Reviews
  • Nutrition

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Our Readership

The Weekend Triathlete audience is comprised mainly of people who aren’t necessary professional triathletes, but people who want to get in shape through a sport which offers a great challenge. Any information about how to improve in this great sport would be appreciated!

Submission Guidelines

  • Your post can be an adaptation (not a complete reprint) of an article you’ve posted on your personal blog at least six months ago (we do not accept articles previously published on commercial sites, on other people’s blogs, or in magazines/newspapers).
  • Your article should range from 200-600 words (if you go a tad over 600 words, that’s okay).
  • Accommodate skimmers and scanners:
  • Write short sentences
  • Write 2-to-3-sentence paragraphs
  • Break up main points with bold sub-heads and numbered lists
  • Quote expert sources whenever possible and always hyperlink to the primary source material.
  • Include screenshots, stock photos, or a video to visually enhance your topic.
  • When you reference other sites (such as in a list-style post), include the full URL of the page.
  • At the end of your article, encourage discussion by asking an engaging question.
  • Carefully edit your article for correct grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.
  • We do not accept articles that come across as sales-y (subtle or blatant pitches for products or services, as well as internal links to companies/products/services that aren’t directly related to your topic).
  • Include a 1-sentence author bio at the end of your article. Your bio must state your real first and last name you may share a link to your own website, blog, or social media page (Twitter, Facebook, Google+).
  • If you submit images or screenshots to accompany your guest post, size them appropriately (72 dpi, no larger than 600 px) and send them as JPEG or PNG attachments.
  • We allow one link in your bio section to a personal website or business but the content should only include links to original source information.

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Welcome to the Weekend Triathlete Community!